Linux Finally Gets Gmail Voice & Video Chat

by Ferman Aziz

It’s taken almost 2 years of patience and seemingly false hopes, but Linux users are finally getting the much requested Gmail features: Voice and video chat. It sure seems a bit odd that they weren’t available up till now but better late than never.

Google has just released the feature which provides support for Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions, with RPM support coming soon. The required plug-in is available to download from

Linux users have continuously accused Google of treating Linux as a step child and dancing to the beats of Microsoft’s Windows drum. Users also complained that Linux comes just as an afterthought to Google and its claims of supporting open sources like Linux are false.

Users were justified in their anger and frustration as faithful Linux users won’t switch to other OS just like the rest of us. All said and done, they have finally received what they wanted and Google will surely think twice about delaying rolling out its features for Linux in the future.

[via Mashable]

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