What to Expect From Apple’s MobileMe Service at the WWDC 2010

by Ferman Aziz

What else but to go free! For those who don’t know MobileMe is a service which runs with Microsoft outlook on a PC and syncs data between PCs, Macs, iPhone & iPod Touch. It allows subscribers to access and manage their email, contacts, calendar, photos, and files at me.com.

Speculations about the service going free have hit the web after users noticed that their “Account Type” status for the last week or so reads “Full Member” instead of “Free Member” or “Individual” which hints at a possibility that Apple might be making this service free after all.

This might be an attempt to catch up and counter all the free Google and Windows live services that are expected at the anxiously awaited event and with Apple expected to launch the new iPhone, it might just want to pull a double whammy and reward its devotees.

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