Windows Live Messenger Upgrading Soon

by Ferman Aziz

Tabbed conversations, HD video chats and much more. Microsoft will be unveiling a new look for the Live Messenger soon.

Microsoft stated:

The new Messenger will provide a great way to have more meaningful conversations with the people you care about most while also bringing together your social networks and sharing updates, cutting through the clutter, and staying up to date with your favourite friends.

There will be tabbed conversations like tabbed windows in the internet explorer. Users will have ease to move through conversations with a single click without a clutter of chat windows.

The most attention is given to the High Definition (HD) video quality of video chat. Now users will be able to see a more Blu-ray finish, extra crisp and clear video.

The new messenger will also focus on socialising through networks like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace etc. Facebook will be integrated into the messenger so that users will have ease socialising thus putting an end to the rivalry between messengers and networks.

Microsoft said:

As part of our deeper integration with Facebook, later this year Messenger will support Facebook Chat, so you’ll be able to [instant message] all your Facebook friends from within Messenger.

Also the security settings are being upgraded to that like Facebook’s. Users will be able to choose and see what content they are sharing with other users for instance personal information, photos and docs etc.

We will be expecting the Beta upgrade by the end of summer this year.

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