Data From comScore Shows a Strong Growth Rate for Twitter

by Ferman Aziz

Considering that it’s only 3 years old, one would expect Twitter to still be the new- kid- on- the- block but facts show it’s already one of the biggest social networking sites and showing strong growth on a monthly basis. Twitter stands behind only Facebook and Youtube in users count and data released from online analytics firm comScore shows that Twitter grew from 83.8M unique visitors in April to 90.2M in May worldwide — an increase of 7.6%. By comparison, there was 5.5% growth between March, when Twitter had 79.4M visitors, and April’s 83.8M.

A huge number of Twitter accounts were created in the last week of May in Pakistan and Bangladesh when the countries banned Facebook for a few days in protest against some offensive content.

Twitter COO Dick Costolo shared the company’s internal stats, which show that Twitter gets 190 million visitors per month, and 65 million tweets a day. Still it is to be noted that the data also considers a huge number of users who just visit passively and do not necessarily create an account or tweet using the popular applications. Still the growth rate is pretty impressive and is obviously expected to continue in the coming months.

[via TechCrunch]

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