WordPress.com Crosses 200 Million Blog Posts

by Ferman Aziz

If you’re a blogger on WordPress.com here’s another reason to update your blog. You have helped WordPress reach the impressive milestone of 200 million blog posts since its inception. The site has 11.4 million blogs and data from Quantcast says more than 260 million people access them every month.

A huge number of these blogs have become the biggest sources of information, news, entertainment and business more than professional domains such as newspapers, TV channels and shops. Almost every prominent writer and journalist maintains a blog and more often than not it’s these blogs users turn to and access for opinions and information rather than conventional sources.

The installable version of WordPress just reached version 3.0 and is already getting a great response and reviews. The hosted version (WordPress.com) however remains the most popular domain and continues to attract more users every day.

[via WordPress.com]

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