iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Crash Servers All Over the US and UK

by Ferman Aziz

Apple started taking preorders for its iPhone 4 through multiple retailers online at 1 AM PT (4 AM ET) across the US and the UK today. Maybe they thought the late hours would not see as much traffic as it would have in the middle of the day but they couldn’t have been more wrong. From AT&T servers across America to O2 in the UK, online retailers struggled to process the overload of iPhone 4 pre-orders and eventually crashed. Online world erupted with complaints and frustrated musings from eager consumers about their requests not going through and pages jamming on their faces.

Similar scenarios were reported at outlets where buyers lined up to place their orders physically instead of going online but the staffers could not satisfy their clientele as the system was just not equipped to handle the massive demand.

Though consumers did begin to get late confirmations of their orders but the situation is far from under control as the orders continue to pour in. The situation is an indicator that the iPhone 4 may go on to break all previous sales record for any other Apple product.

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[via TechCrunch]

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