Now ‘Like’ and ‘Reblog’ on

by Ferman Aziz

It was about time for blogging portals to catch up and provide what users have become so used to now, thanks to Facebook and Twitter. just got a little more hip and social as it now allows bloggers to ‘Like’ and ‘Reblog’ their favourite posts. Users need to be logged in to a WordPress account and can access the ‘Like’ feature from the admin bar on the top of the page. ‘Liking’ a post will add to a counter showing the author how many times a particular post was ‘Liked’.

Once a user ‘Likes’ a post, the top menu changes to ‘you like this post’ and that menu provides the ‘Reblog this post’ option. Another tab being introduced lets users view all the posts they have ‘Liked’.

[via Mashable]

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