“Out-of-Process Plug-Ins” on the New FireFox 3.6.4

by Ferman Aziz

Mozilla has released the new FireFox 3.6.4 and is promising a crash free experience with a new feature called ‘Out-of-process plug-ins” or OOPP. The new FireFox has fixed a lot of bugs and carries new patches too but it’s the OOP that’s the highlight of the new version.

This feature will prevent crashing of the whole browser if a single plug-in crashes. This is achieved by running plug-ins such as Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime or Microsoft Silverlight plug-ins in a separate process. Users can now cancel a wayward plug-in without bringing the browser down in the process. The easiest way is to refresh the page and start again. You can start using the new FireFox 3.6.4 by downloading the upgrade here.

[via ZDNet]

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