Swype Offers Free Download for All Android Handsets

by Ferman Aziz

The immensely popular touch screen enabled text-input application from Swype is now available for all Android handset users to download directly from their website. The offer is available for a limited time (a couple of days) so there’s no time to waste if your phone did not come pre-installed with the feature that provides a fast and easy way to input text on any screen using your fingers or a stylus. With its built in dictionary, typos are no problem and texting speed is at its highest.

Before today, Swype came pre-installed on only a limited number of Android models but when the company invited about 25,000 users to test the beta version, the response was tremendous and now it’s available for all Android handsets. Users need to make sure their phone’s settings allow them to install and run apps from ‘unknown sources’.

Its popularity around the world is evident from the fact that Italian and Spanish have now been added in its language list. So wherever you are, start Swyping now!

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