3 Fun Camera Apps for Your Android

by Osama Naseem

There isn’t a single soul out there that buys an android without looking at the camera specs. The more powerful the camera the more attractive some phone sets become. But the stark reality is that most of us don’t really do much with our phone cameras beyond the initial photo shoots. This post is for those girls and boys who are getting a little tired of snapping pictures of nothing but their own Mona Lisa smiles.

Camera apps for your Android

The animated shots

Cartoon camera quite literally turns you into a cartoon. How, you may ask? Well without getting into the technical details, the app transforms your shots into animated images. The camera shows you the animated version of whatever it is that you want to take a picture of – be it your dog, your grandma or an old piano. Maybe you could make a stop motion modern day meet the Flintstones if you’re bored enough. The real time cartoon effect is pretty cool but the app lets you do a lot more i.e. work with darker strokes, white strokes, color them edges and even add some sepia to your images. One problem though: the app won’t work on android’s lower than version 2.3.

Lean mean picture taking machine

Most androids come with a decent enough camera but many of us aren’t all that happy with what we can do with the camera. Several apps out there can beef up your camera’s functionality. Camera Zoom FX is the most popular choice out there. It’ll help you zoom into your target and add in some pretty interesting effects to your pictures. You can turn your pictures into a collage, use the timer, take bursts of pictures and do a number of other things. Just because the built in software didn’t give you room to play does not mean you should play by the rules.

Who thinks night vision isn’t cool

I don’t know one person who says night vision is not cool. And anyone who tries to argue with me can talk to the clichéd hand. Night vision camera applications are amazing and one of the coolest ones I found on the android market is a sister to the cartoon camera. What it does is let you take pictures in the dark. You can even mess around with the flash to adjust the visibility on your pictures. A minus point is that it doesn’t work the same on all androids so you’ll have to test yours out to see whether it delivers or not.

At the end of the day all those pictures would be wasted if they’re lost or if the phone’s stolen. It would be advisable to invest in an android monitoring app which will help you store all your pictures to an online account. Android monitoring apps automatically, and instantly store data from the phone to an online account which means you don’t have to actually take time out and save your pictures to your computer/laptop.

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