YouTube’s New Record, 14.6 Billion Videos Viewed in May 2010

by Ferman Aziz

American web metrics company comScore released new statistics today which reveal an astonishing increase in the online video viewing trend around the world. The leader among all video hosting sites is who else but Google owned YouTube which received a record 14.6 Billion hits in the month of May alone, representing 43.1 % of all videos viewed online. Hulu came in second with 1.2 billion videos, or 3.5 percent of all online videos viewed, a slight increase from April. Microsoft Sites ranked third with 642 million (1.9 percent), followed by Vevo with 430 million (1.3 percent) and Viacom Digital with 347 million (1.0 percent).

comScore’s stats reveal that online video viewers have increased massively within a matter of months and as new domains like Vevo have proved, the trend is all set to grow even bigger. The biggest share however, it seems, will remain with YouTube as it gives excess to a global audience and was the first to introduce the concept of a site exclusively dedicated to video sharing.

Stats have proven time and again that most internet users now watch their favourite TV shows, music videos, movies, popular news reports etc online whenever they have time instead of keeping track of TV schedules and show timings.

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