Google Maps For Android Get An Upgrade

by Ferman Aziz

Google has been updating a lot of Android applications lately and the latest one to get a major upgrade and new features is Google Maps for Android. Google has just released the new 4.6 version of the application with several interesting improvements and redesigns.

First of all, the redesigned Place page reviews is getting a lot of praise and attention as it now lets you read “Reviews from around the web,” as well as “Reviews from Google users,” just like the Place pages on the desktop version of Google Maps.

The app is also making search a little more specific and detailed by creating filters like “open now”, “neighbourhood” and “related Searches”.

If you and your friends have Maps 4.6 and Android 2.2 (or higher) you can experiment with the new “Real-time updating” feature in Latitude and post on each other’s individual profile pages. This will speed up location updates from your friends.

Google Maps For Android Get An Upgrade

Google Maps 4.6 works on Android versions 1.6 and above, and is available here in the Android Market.

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