Facebook’s New Face Detection Technology Makes Tagging Easier

by Ferman Aziz

Sharing photos with friends and family on Facebook is one of the top most user activities and about 100 million photos are uploaded to the network every day. As if uploading 220 photos of your wedding, vacation or graduation is not tedious enough, tagging several people in each of the photographs is a drag. Facebook is coming to the rescue of all such photo fanatic users and has begun rolling out its new Face Detection Technology from today.

Using the same technology as a lot of digital cameras these days, now the new software will automatically find and select faces in your photos asking you to reply to its prompt “Whose face is this?” All users have to do now is type in the person’s name.

The feature is definitely going to be popular with users especially with serial up loaders who keep flooding our home pages with photos from their smartphones. It’ll be even greater if the software lets add names to the faces of people already in our friends list with a single click instead of typing. Let’s hope this is the next up date in the offing. You can give your feedback and suggestions to Facebook on the new feature here.

[via Facebook]

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