Apple Buying Google Ads To Target Dell Streak & HP Slate Users

by Ferman Aziz

It seems a bit bizarre when a Google search result for Dell Streak includes an iPad ad in the top 5 links. Apple and Google are competitors and the current tablet revolution in the tech world has made things even tenser between the two rivals and desperate times call for desperate measures. At least Apple appears to believe so.

Techcrunch writer Robin Wauters found this out by performing a Google search for the Dell Streak and HP Slate on the British version of the search engine. What’s happening is that Apple is apparently buying Google AdWords ads targeting potential buyers of the above 2 devices. This is an attempt to get searchers to click through to the iPad product page instead of moving on with said search.

Apple isn’t doing anything illegal or unusual but it still looks a bit beneath its calibre and also shows some insecurity on its part. With the iPad doing massive business worldwide, it need not panic about Google’s Android based tablets just yet but maybe Apple’s marketing department thinks way ahead and out of the box.

[via TechCrunch]

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