Improved Version of Gmail for the iPad

by Ferman Aziz

Talk about preferential treatment! Google just announced a new and improved version of Gmail for the iPad. This is the second time Google has presented a special Gmail version for an Apple product as it launched one in April 2009 for Apple’s mobile iOS along with the Android.

The current version is inspired from users’ feedback as Google mentions on its official blog. Users are required to log on to using Safari and experience the new features which include a big full screen message composing window instead of the old split screen version with the mail menu and contacts list on the left. This makes viewing long texts easier and scrolling problems on longer messages are also sorted out. Google wants your feedback on these changes as it’s still experimenting with the large touchscreen and tablet form factor so don’t hesitate to use the ‘feedback’ button at the bottom of the page inside your gmail.

[via GoogleMobile]

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