Browser Wars: Chrome Beats Safari In the US Too

by Ferman Aziz

Web analytics company Net Applications had reported in December 2009 that Google Chrome has become the number three browser in the world and its popularity was expected to soar in the future. That future is here already. Latest statistics released from StatCounter show that in just 6 months Chrome has beaten Apple’s Safari in the browser market share in America too and has also converted a lot of faithful FireFox users.

Browser Wars: Chrome Beats Safari In the US Too

The biggest share of the American market remains with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (52%) and Mozilla FireFox (28.5%) but Chrome now stands at number 3 with 8.97%, ahead of Safari’s 8.88%.

The achievement is even more remarkable due to the fact that Chrome was introduced less than 2 years ago and its Stable Versions for Mac and Linux were only released last month. With Internet Explorer 9 and FireFox 9 expected to be released soon, it’ll be interesting to see whether statistics waver or continue to grow in Chrome’s favour.

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