Samsung Presents Its Fastest 512 GB Notebook SSD

by Ferman Aziz

Looks like Samsung is on a mission to develop all sorts of “World’s fastest” devices and that too in quick succession. After announcing the release of world’s fastest Blu-ray drive (in July 2010) on Monday, it has now announced the plans to begin shipping its first solid-state drive (SSD) to use toggle-mode DDR (double data rate) NAND to achieve higher performance for laptops and high-end PCs.

Samsung says that the new 512 GB drive will take performance to new heights as it has a maximum data read rate of 250MB/sec. and a sequential write rate of 220MB/sec. In an official statement today, Samsung says:

At these speeds, two standard length (approximately 4GB each) DVD movies can be stored in just a minute,

The new drive will reduce OS boot time and provide faster application access

showing an approximately nine-fold improvement in random performance over hard disk drive.

Though the price tag of the new drive has not been revealed yet, Samsung is confident that the product has the potential to capture a huge share of the market. Dong-Soo Jun, executive vice president of memory marketing for Samsung Electronics, said

the state-of-the-art toggle DDR” technology “will enable Samsung to play a major role in securing faster market acceptance of the new wave of high-end SSD technology.

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