Facebook Earned $ 800 Million in Revenue Last Year, Reuters

by Ferman Aziz

Reuters has revealed Facebook’s revenue figures for the year 2009 and though they are not surprising or implausible at all, they’re still mind blowing. According to Reuters newswire, world’s number 1 social networking giant raked in a record $ 800 million last year, about 100 million more than the expected figure and turned a part of it into a solid net profit.

Facebook’s growth in the past couple of years has been massive and with recent surveys indicating that users now access social networking sites more than search engines, this hardly comes as a surprise. It was reported recently that in the US and UK Facebook has the biggest market share in all of social media based internet traffic and the trend is expected to grow in the coming years as social media has become a powerful tool in all walks and fields of life.

What’s Facebook’s most precious source of foolproof revenue? The ‘self serve ads’ which appear on the right side of our screen with a small photo and text which anyone can create and target specific demographic groups. Companies pay Facebook about a dollar per click on these little advertising boxes and it’s a gift that doesn’t stop giving.

Facebook may be getting flak from users unhappy with its new privacy controls but it looks like Mark Zuckerberg need not worry about his bread and butter any time soon.

[via Mashable]

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