Turn Any Surface In To A TouchScreen, It’s Like Magic!

by Ferman Aziz

This is one of those inventions that are introduced once in a while and revolutionise the market, not to mention change the way we do things, forever. All our futuristic visions and fantastic wizardry seen in movies like Minority Report are about to come true.

An interactive hardware company called Displax has begun marketing ‘Skin’, a paper-thin, flexible film that would transform any non-metal surface into an interactive touchscreen. It works on any surface, transparent or opaque, flat or curved and displays any interactive content you like. Displax’s multi-touch technology can detect up to 16 fingers at once and can also detect air movement.

Skin is actually a transparent polymer film that can be applied to non conductive materials and turn them interactive. Very thin, it uses projected capacitive technology, making it possible to apply on the back of a glass and detect finger touch on the front of the glass. The magic lies in a grid of nanowires in the polymer of the product and as Displax explains, every time a user makes contact with the surface, “a small electrical disturbance is detected allowing the micro-processor controller to pinpoint the movement or direction of the air flow.”

Available in 30 and 116 inches, Skin’s interactivity goes through non metallic materials up to 17mm of thickness. There is a whole world of possibilities and uses waiting to unfold for ‘Skin’. Business presentations, medicine, museums, schools, hospitals, and the gaming world are just the tip of the iceberg as it may start featuring in a lot more places than initially imagined.

How would you use your ‘Skin’ if you got one?

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