New and Improved Kindle Coming Soon from Amazon

by Ferman Aziz

It looks like the massive popularity of Apple’s iPad has come as a wakeup call to all its competitors who’re pulling their socks up and coming up with better and smarter versions of their similar gadgets. Amazon’s popular e-reader Kindle, originally introduced in 2007, is getting a make over with a thinner build, sharper contrast, and faster page-turning. It is expected to be introduced in August this year. The Kindle currently enjoys 60% of the US market which now faces some serious danger of deteriorating as the iPad not only costs less ($ 499) it also boasts a full- colour LCD screen compared to Kindle’s black and white screen.

The new Kindle will also be black and white retaining its paper like appearance but making it look more like a real book. Amazon promises a thinner body, a more responsive screen with a sharper picture and the delay during page turning shortened. This upgrade comes as no surprise as Amazon also faces competition from Sony Corp which introduced a touch-screen e-reader (a feature Kindle doesn’t offer) and a wireless book downloading service similar to the Kindle. That’s a lot of damage control Amazon but hey! It’s all part of the game.

[via BloomBerg]

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