The Latest Web hook-up! Yahoo and Facebook

by Ferman Aziz

This coming together of the two Titans is a script written in tech heaven. Yahoo Inc announced today that its integrating the site and its services with Facebook and also that there’s more to come. Yahoo and Facebook users “can link their accounts and view and share updates with friends across both networks,” Yahoo said in a statement early Monday.

Users of Yahoo’s news, sports, Flickr, music and entertainment services can now share their favourite content easily on their Facebook accounts and to return the favour, users’ Facebook updates will be appearing on their Yahoo homepage.

This match couldn’t have come through if it didn’t have massive mutual benefit potential for both partners. It will not only further push Facebook towards its goal of becoming much more than just a social networking tool but will also help Yahoo in becoming the ultimate starting homepage on the web as users can now have all their news, entertainment and social networking fix on one platform.

[via WSJ]

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