First Poster For ‘The Facebook Movie’ Unveiled

by Ferman Aziz

Columbia Pictures, one of Hollywood’s leading film companies, has released the first poster for ‘The Social Network’ or ‘The Facebook Movie’ as most people are calling it. The movie, set to be in theatres this October, tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the little social networking site he created in his Harvard dorm room meant to be for the prestigious University’s students only at first.

Written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher, the movie has Jesse Eisenberg portraying Zuckerberg as the curly haired, geeky college student. The movie’s tagline on the poster reads

You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.

It seems very obvious that the above tagline may have been the result of the recent privacy settings fiasco and the backlash aimed at the company’s CEO from users worldwide. It doesn’t make much sense other wise as a few months ago when the movie was announced; it was considered just a chronicling of a super success story of a likeable nerdy guy who made it big. There was no negativity and controversy attached to Mark Zuckerberg back then and many even expressed scepticism about the movie’s cultural significance and success.

The privacy settings controversy seems to have come at a very appropriate time and the production company might be happier about it than we think. As they say, the only bad publicity is no publicity and that is one complaint that Mr Facebook aka Mark Zuckerberg can not make these days.

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