What’s Still Wrong With Facebook’s Privacy Controls

by Ferman Aziz

Facebook has been on a major damage control spree for the past few weeks regarding its privacy controls and has introduced simpler and easier to understand options and lots of new features too. The company though has addressed quite a few issues based on users complaints from around the world but has chosen to ignore some major ones and is keeping mum about whether it will ever address them.

In its old privacy settings Facebook allowed users to keep their profile photos private if they chose and go public whenever they wanted. Not any more. Users who had their profile photos visible to all at the time of the change, can not change the setting back to ‘friends only’ now. Only users who already had their profile photos private still have them private. This is a bizarre setting and needs to be changed to give the control back in users’ hands.

Secondly, the most popular option which was taken away from users was the one disabling the ‘add as friend’ option making your profile completely private and safe from un wanted contacts and friend requests. Now friends of your friends have the option to send you a friend request and that can mean a lot of people since some folks like to add people just to increase their friends list. As a result, you can end up getting friend requests from total strangers just because your friend decided to add their neighbour’s work mate. It’s not only irritating because of strangers adding you but now there’s no escape from all those family, friends and acquaintances that you want to avoid on Facebook but can’t refuse their friend request simply because it seems rude and might make an embarrassing scene at a family or official gathering.

A lot of hue and cry has been made on this issue from users all over the world but not once have Facebook officials or CEO Mark Zuckerberg uttered a single word about doing something about it. The only option is to keep demanding and making noise and where else to do it than Facebook itself.

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