5 Million Download the Skype 2.0 App for the iPhone 3G

by Ferman Aziz

The Skype 2.0 app for the iPhone 3G has been reported to cross 5 million downloads since its launch last Sunday from the iTunes store. This probably is further indication that video chatting on smartphones is where the big bucks lie and reports have already leaked that the new iPhone 4 will feature video chatting facilities.

If you still haven’t downloaded the app, hurry up and use it as much as you can for free before August 2010 because after that Skype will be charging a monthly fee for the 3G calling feature. Skype promises that it will be a nominal fee as they know that one of the reasons for its popularity is its being free of charge. “We’re not going to want to price ourselves out of the market. I can’t ignore the fact that consumers (currently) use us for free,” said Russ Shaw, Skype’s general manager for mobile.

iPhone Screenshots

[via Mashable]

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