Farmville, Guitar Hero and Netflix – All on Your iPhone 4

by Ferman Aziz

The new iPhone is delivering on its promise to not disappoint users by pushing the limits and bringing world’s most popular virtual entertainment services in the palm of our hands. Now you can grow and cut your virtual crops, bring out your inner rock star and order and watch videos just by pushing a few buttons on the new stylishly slim iPhone 4 while you wait in line at the grocery store or on the go.

FarmVille addicts can rest assured that their iPhone and Facebook versions will sync up so they don’t have to start over and they’ll be getting notifications via their new smartphone when their crops are ready to be cut. A new animal namely the snow leopard (a nod to Apple’s Mac software) has also been added to the world’s most popular virtual farm.

While the Guitar Hero for iPhone app costs $ 2.99, the video streaming app that Netflix promises to bring to your iPhones and iPods this summer will be free and will work over AT&T’s mobile 3G network, not just Wi-Fi.

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