Apple To Release Patch For iPhone’s PDF Security Hole

by Ferman Aziz

So that’s how they Jailbroke the iPhone 4. Smart, but Apple will soon be releasing the update to fix the iPhone’s PDF security hole that allowed Comex & co. to jailbreak the device. Apple found that the way the jailbreak worked–via an iPhone’s mobile Safari browser—was because of a security vulnerability when it comes to the way it loads PDF files from the web. Hackers can cause major damage to your iOS device (iPhones, iPads running 3.1.2 or later) if you simply open a malicious PDF file.

Apple released an official statement yesterday saying they already have the fix and it’ll be released soon. No date was given though.

We’re aware of this reported issue, we have already developed a fix and it will be available to customers in an upcoming software update.

Said the Apple spokeswoman.

This obviously means that you might want to avoid the next software update from Apple if you’re still set on jailbreaking your iPhone and keep it that way. The jailbreak will stop working if the update is installed but it’s sure a big risk to keep your precious iPhone open to hackers. The security flaw is pretty major as it provoked the German government to issue a warning to its citizens and investigate the matter fully. The decision is yours.

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