BlackBerry Tablet Rumoured To Be Launching In November

by Ferman Aziz

After the universal ‘iPhone or BlackBerry’ argument, looks like the next version of everyone’s favourite tech topic shall be ‘iPad or Blackpad’ come November, 2010. Yes, allegedly, that’s the name BlackBerry manufacturers RIM are giving to their new tablet which has been in the news for a while now. Now reports have come in from Bloomberg that RIM is in fact serious in launching the iPad competitor in the fall this year.

Two inside sources have revealed to Bloomberg that the tablet will be featuring a 9.7″ screen, roughly the same dimensions as the iPad. The device will also feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, with the option of using an existing BlackBerry smartphone as the data connection. The source also says that the Blackpad will feature a front- and back-facing camera for video conferencing. Rather than bundling the device with a 3G data connection, it will use Wi-Fi or connect to a BlackBerry phone via Bluetooth to tether a data connection. The cheapest model of the Blackpad is reported to be priced for $ 499.

The rumours of a tablet from RIM first generated when the company took over the domain recently. However, RIM has more than 4000 registered domains and it’s still not confirmed that Blackpad is indeed going to be the name of its tablet.

What’s more important is to match and beat the popularity of Apple’s iPad which has seen massive sales around the world since its launch earlier this year.

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  • ipad application development

    I guess it will be something really great and all Blackbery users will definitely give it a try and probably will like it. But I think it's a bit risky to make Blackpad resemble iPad too much, cause people who've already bought iPad may not be interested in this device.

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