The New Android Tablet Developer, LG Electronics

by Ferman Aziz

LG is one of the biggest electronics manufacturing companies in the world and it’s now getting in to the latest fad among all gadget manufacturers around. It’s none other than Tablet PCs. The company has confirmed, as Wall Street Journal reports, that it’ll be launching an Android based tablet in the 4th quarter of this year. LG has not yet released any technical details regarding the device.

It sure looks like that the tablet revolution all techies keep predicting has begun already. The world switched to laptops from desktops a few years ago and it might be time to change once again, sooner than we think.

After Cisco announcing the new Cius just last week and HP, Google, RIM and Samsung already on board, LG’s getting on the bandwagon just seems fair and logical. Apple can take all the credit for making them an obsession around the world with its iPad but that doesn’t mean it won’t be facing some fierce competition once all its competitors deliver their products in the market and customers are spoilt for choice.

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