Chrome, Chromium and Frame Get an Update

by Ferman Aziz

Google has released a new and updated version of its Chrome browser, its developer version Chromium and a new plug-in Chrome Frame that allows MS Internet Explorer to access websites using the Chrome rendering engine.

What’s interesting is that it’s Apple which is being credited for fixing two of Chrome’s high-risk security flaws. Apple’s Safari browser is based on the same open source as Chrome, called WebKit.

Google is being reported to have paid $ 2,000 and $ 500 to two researchers for reporting zero-day bugs who fixed a high–risk bug allowing cross-origin bypass in DOM methods and another which was causing a memory error in table layouts. In total eight high risk bugs were found and removed. Chromium-the developer version of Chrome- now has a desktop notifications feature, an HTML5 sandbox attribute and an integrated Flash Player plug-in.

Chrome Frame, which allows Internet Explorer to render Java Script and other elements using the Chrome browser engine, is being put into beta testing by Google to focus on bug fixes, improvements in integration with IE, stability, security and performance.

[via Zdnet]

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