Farmville and Foursquare Among Time Magazine’s 50 Worst Inventions

by Ferman Aziz

Time magazine unveiled its list of 50 worst inventions in its latest issue calling them “some of the world’s bright ideas that just didn’t work out”. Among obvious turn offs like ‘Snuggies for dogs’, ‘spam email’ and ‘Auto tune’, the list also awarded the not so desirable title to immensely popular ‘Farmville’ by Zynga and ‘Foursquare’. Also making the list was ‘Microsoft Bob’.

Time’s Dan Fletcher calls Facebook’s most popular virtual pastime “hardly even a game” and a “a series of mindless chores on a digital farm”. He also calls its creator Zynga “the evil genius behind this bizarre digital addiction”.

Kristi Oloffson, another writer for the popular US based magazine, also minces no words in blasting ‘Foursquare’ calling it “the next generation of creepy social networking”. With users reaching 1 million, Oloffson dreads that they’re sure to increase over time promoting “Just another tool tapping into a generation of narcissism”.

[via Time]

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