Now You Can “StumbleUpon” iPhone & Android Both

by Ferman Aziz

StumbleUpon is a web based content discovery and recommendation service that brings the best of what’s happening on the net and around the world to its above 11 million users. Now StumbleUpon is taking the next step and entering the mobile market with its iPhone and Android apps.

The smartphone revolution has taken the world by storm and changed the way people use the internet and perform their regular net activities. Any company will lose out on a whole world of possibilities for its growth and an ever growing user market if its utilities are not available for smartphone addicts. The obvious first platforms are the iPhone and Android OS and StumbleUpon is definitely doing what was required.

The web version of StumbleUpon is being tailored for mobile with a feature called “Best for mobile stumbling.” This includes photos, Flickr, YouTube and news, making the discovery experience friendlier for the mobile screen and connections. Below that are also the topics that users have indicated an interest in, as well as options to view favourites and recommendations from other users they’re following.

Both apps feature the familiar “Start Stumbling” button that links to a piece of content that users can either give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to, alongside likes, reviews and sharing options. Browsing functionality is similar as well. Users however have commented that the iPhone app is faster than the Android version which also has some formatting issues.

The app is available for download on iTunes and by searching the Android Market

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