New iPhone, iPad & Android Game ‘Reckless Racing’ Gets Great Reviews

by Ferman Aziz

A Swedish firm Pixelbite released a brand new iPhone, iPad And Android game ‘Reckless Racing’ just a few days ago and it’s already getting a thumbs up from gamers and critics alike.

The game was announced in early 2010 with the name ‘Deliverance’ but the release was delayed. The game has finally made its debut with a new exciting name on two major platforms i.e. iOS and Android.

The game is becoming popular due to its smart functions, beautiful retina display and fast loading with five different control styles to choose from. The game has a funny hillbilly theme and is easy and immediately engaging for a new user.

The graphics are reported to be something to behold, especially with the iPhone’s retina display technology. The game however, lacks Game Centre support as it’s a cross-platform game and its development started before Game Centre was launched. The good news is that its format really lends itself to Game Centre’s multiplayer matchmaking capabilities.

You can download the game app on your respective devices of choice for only $ 2.99 and do some reckless racing around town right now.


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