Hollywood’s First Interactive Movie Trailer, Play It Now

by Ferman Aziz

After smartphone apps and special game versions of the movies, Hollywood has come up with a great new way to attract viewers, especially tech and game freaks. Universal Pictures has just launched the first ever interactive, game like trailer of its next release Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, coming to cinemas on 13th August. The movie is based on a famous comic book of the same name and stars Michael Cera as the title character.

So, how does the trailer work? It’s extremely easy and very interesting as all you have to do is click any where on the screen watching the trailer and the information box at the bottom will reveal extra info and secrets about the movie. No downloading of any kind required; it works just as a regular trailer in your browser. Find as many pieces of information on the movie as possible and when you find a secret, you can check out the links in the interactive trailer’s information stream for more details about the film. The more secrets you find, the more points you gain and achievements you unlock.

The best part is you can’t click enough in just one viewing. Keep watching the trailer again and keep clicking as fast as you can on the screen and you’ll see new info and secrets. It’s a great concept and sure to generate lots of repeated views to unlock new information every time. The sheer brilliance of the trailer tells us that this is not the last we’re seeing of interactive trailers; this is definitely the beginning of the next big thing in the movie promotion market and that’s fantastic.

Check out the trailer below and experience for yourself.

[via Mashable]

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