Now “Try Before You Buy” an iPhone

by Ferman Aziz

Apple now lets potential iPhone buyers test and try some apps via a new section of its App Store called “Try before you buy”. The section appears under the “Free on the App Store” heading and currently offers 98 apps for trial. Considering the huge numbers of apps available on Apple’s App Store, this number is disappointing and it’s unfortunate that the trial period doesn’t apply to all the paid apps in the store.

The apps available for trial are ‘lite’ or limited, free versions of the apps whose full versions are in the pay-to-play section of the store. If the app doesn’t have a free version already in the App Store it won’t appear in ‘Try Before You Buy’. You’ll also have to pay if you want to try the full version of these apps as the free trial versions do not carry full features.

This setting is bizarre and a little off putting and immediately draws comparisons with Apple’s competitor Android, which allows users to return an app within 24 hours. This means enough time to try and test the app you just paid for and if not satisfied, you get your money back. Apple needs to start thinking on the same lines soon.

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