HTC EVO Launches the First 4G Smartphone

by Ferman Aziz

Take that Apple! With the iPhone 4 still a happy anticipation, smartphone enthusiasts all across the US can now acquire the first 3G/4G wireless phone HTC EVO 4G. Priced at $ 199.99 the device is available at Sprint retail stores, RadioShack, Best Buy and Wal-Mart, as well as through

Reviewers have given a thumbs up to the new HTC EVO 4G calling it a highly advanced smartphone with top-of-the-line hardware and capable of 4G data transfer speeds, which is about 10 times faster than current 3G speeds. It also boasts of an 8 megapixel camera, another 1.3 megapixel, front facing video camera for video conferencing. The device can also act as a mobile hotspot, connecting up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the Internet.

Google, Qik and a number of other developers have stepped in to provide customised versions of their pps for the 4G device including a Youtube client that will auto-detect your connection speed and serve up content in high-definition when on a 4G or fast 3G connection.

[via MobileCrunch]

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