Complaints Abound as the iPhone 4 Finally Reaches Customers’ Hands

by Ferman Aziz

We all knew the iPhone 4 arrives on the shelves today and there will be endless queues outside outlets with countless fans also camping outside to be the first ones to enter. But that’s not the actual news making headlines today. As users started receiving their booked iPhones in the mail and others bought theirs from outlets, the web has exploded with reviews and response videos which have one aspect in common: complaints about a number of major flaws. That’s right! Apparently the iPhone 4 is not that earth shattering as it was expected or rather claimed to be.

The biggest complaint doing the rounds on the web everywhere is once again about connectivity. One would think Apple would have done something about this after similar complaints about the iPhone 3G are now legendary but clearly not. Tons of videos have been posted online showing that the new iPhone loses bars, call connectivity and download speed when held from the sides, especially the left side.

Users are also complaining of a yellow discolouring of the highly rated retina display screen effecting picture quality.

So if you haven’t already paid for it online, think before you run to your nearest Apple store and don’t forget to check the videos below about iPhone issues.

iPhone 4 Reception Issue

iPhone 4 Drops Calls when Left Corner is Touched

[via Engadget]

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