LinkedIn’s Upgraded iPhone App Supports Retina Display

by Ferman Aziz

LinkedIn is a fast growing professional networking site with a user base of 75 million representing 150 industries from around the world. The site allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs, and find potential clients. The company has just released an upgraded version of its iPhone app to make business networking and contacting other professionals easier and more visually appealing.

The upgraded LinkedIn app now supports iPhone’s Retina Display technology and has an improved UI for viewing profiles and more. Any changes in users’ profiles will be highlighted to allow other users to know exactly what was changed or updated in a connection’s profile. From a profile update, you can also tap on your connection’s name to go to the top of their profile, or tap on any section to jump right to that section.

The app will also alert you whenever a connection changes their phone number, email, creates a Twitter account or adds their birthday. You can also see your common connections with a particular user directly from the main profile screen.

The new icons and images of the app are specially designed to support the new Retina Display technology of the iPhone 4 and needless to say, the display and visuals look fantastic.

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