psx4droid v1.7 (PlayStation Emulator) Has Been Released

by Ferman Aziz

psx4droid, the Sony Playstation (PSX/PS1) emulator for high-end Androids, is updated to v1.7. Certainly the updated version has got many improvements and enhancements, which you can check by going through changelog below.


Changelog v1.7:

– Twisted Metal 2, Bushido Blade 1/2, and Alone in the Dark – One Eyed Jack Revenge now runs much faster.

– Fear Effect and Legend of Legaia now playable.

– Changed the vsync timings slightly. Enough to make existing save states *possibly* respond to performance differently than if loading from a fresh state…again.

– Edited the SPU so mono mixing no longer causes pops and clicks. May reduce sound volume.

– Edited the root counters.

– Sound now works in many movie scenes where it didn’t before such as in FF IX.

– Parasite Eve 2 and Vagrant Story requires the “div counter” setting to be enabled now.

– Included Therev29’s guide in the Help setting.

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