Sony’s “Smarter” Phone: Xperia X10

by Ferman Aziz

Sony’s website is currently counting down hours and minutes left for the launch of a “smarter” phone which is obviously its much awaited Xperia X10. The picture is hiding all names or any identification marks but opening it in a photo editor and enhancing the brightness reveals the Xperia logo.

It’s not clear as to what version of its Android OS this “smarter” phone will be coming with but the service provider is being predicted as none other than AT&T. This will be a US debut for the Xperia and it may bring a few punches and surprises to come good on its “smarter” promise.

Smartphones are currently a craze all over the world and even cell phone giants like Nokia have suffered a drop in profits due to the lack of a competitive smartphone. The US is the most competitive smartphone market and Sony is well aware of it. It will have to come up with a really good device to compete with the current players who won’t let them get a chunk of the smartphone pie easily.

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