Nokia 5250 TouchScreen Phone

by Ferman Aziz

Nokia may not have an iPhone competitor yet but it remains the world leader when it comes to build, signal quality and easy usage. Nokia phones are un arguably the strongest phones around which hardly ever bruise or chip even when dropped from heights. An original Nokia device will function after dunked in water and will probably last you quite a few years.

Touchscreen phones are all the rage around the world and Nokia has introduced a couple of models recently. The latest addition to this list is the Nokia 5250, the successor to its 5230 or The Neuron.

Available for €115 ($146) the 5230 comes in several pretty colours and S60 5th OS with a mobile version of Guitar hero 5 pre-installed, along with an FM radio and a media player in the middle of a 2.8-inch TFT home screen. There’s 51MB of memory on board, but audiophiles can expand this to up to 16GB with a microSD memory card – enough space for 4000 songs which can be downloaded from Ovi Music or your own collection.

You’ll find your favourite contacts on the home screen and there’s easy access to Facebook, MySpace and all other social media.You can also log-in to multiple email accounts such as Ovi Mail, Gmail and Yahoo Mail, as well as instant messenger accounts from all sources. Extra applications can also be added using the Ovi Store.

The 5250 runs the Symbian^1 operating system and offers GSM/EDGE communications over four bands and GPRS for data. It has a 16:9 apect ratio and a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels. On the back, there’s a 2-megapixel camera, with Ovi Share installed to let you upload your snaps to the Web. The device measures 104mm x 49mm x 14mm and is easily pocket-able.

The most impressive feature of the 5230 is the long battery life which lasts for 18 days in standby mode or seven hours of talk time. If you stick to playing music, it can go on for 24 hours non stop. It will be available in Q4 of the year, which is not so far away.

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