Who Actually Has The Ability To Rival The iPad

by Ferman Aziz

Ever since Apple launched the iPad and it became the hottest selling device around the world, rival companies have been teasing and threatening to come out with their own iPad competitors that will beat the tablet in functions and utility. Major players currently in the field are the BlackBerry “Black Pad” from RIM, or Google gPad via HTC and the self-proclaimed LG Optimus Tablet. There are a number of other tablets too already in the market and some in development but the one company that actually has the capacity to rival and beat the iPad has not yet announced any intentions of jumping in to the tablet market.

That company is Motorola. Motorola’s Droid was the first genuine competitor of the iPhone and we all remember the recent comparisons of the Droid X and the iPhone 4 where experts and critics published lists comparing the features of the 2 smartphones and the Droid X scored over the iPhone 4 in a number of areas. There were wish lists published for the next iPhone listing features which the Droid X already carried and then there were ads making fun of the famous iPhone 4 faulty antenna. Motorola has launched the Droid 2 already beating Apple who’ll launch the next iPhone in mid 2011.

Experts believe that the Droid X is a perfect dry run for a potential Motorola tablet that they should launch with Verizon as they already have the technology which only needs to be transferred in to a bigger flat device to finally achieve a real alternative to the iPad. Motorola only needs to get the aesthetics (sleek, good fit-and-finish) and functionality (snappy, user-friendly interface–and long battery life) right and it’s sure to start selling like hot cakes. There’s always room for an alternative product in the market and lots of non Apple fans who’ll love to get their hands on a tablet as smart as the Droid series from Motorola. We just hope they’re listening.

[via CNet]

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