200,000 Android Devices Sell Each Day, Says Google

by Ferman Aziz

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was understandably happy and beaming at the inaugural Techonomy conference when he announced that latest figures have revealed massive growth in sales of Android based devices. It was just 2 months ago that Google celebrated 100,000 Android sales per day and that figured has doubled since then. That’s right, 200,000 Android based devices are now being sold every day, outpacing the iOS finally.

People are finally beginning to figure out how successful Android is. The number was about 100,000 (a day) about two months ago. It looks like Android is not just phenomenal but incredibly phenomenal in its growth rate. God knows how long that will continue.

Eric Schmidt said in his sit down chat at the conference in Lake Tahoe, CA.

The CEO of the world’s biggest search engine also explained that the revenue Google generates from web searches via Android based mobile phones “is large enough to pay for all of Android’s activities and a whole bunch more.” What’s more interesting, the success of the iPhone is also adding to Google’s bank account.

I should also say that we love the success of the iPhone because the iPhone also uses Google’s search and we get a chunk of that revenue when people search on the iPhone

Schmidt admitted that the surge in Android sales definitely came after the Droid X launch and the company is also excited about the new Galaxy as it’s available on all carriers.

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