Apple Releases 4 New iPhone Ads About The Video Calling Feature

by Ferman Aziz

Apple and iPhone critics can slam the company and their most famous product all they want; it’s not going to deter the fans who swear by the new iPhone’s smart features. One of the most talked about feature of the iPhone 4 is FaceTime or the Video Calling facility. Aiming to change the way we call and talk on a regular phone, Apple continues to push and highlight how FaceTime is changing and effecting users’ lives in a big way.

After the introductory ads released last month along with the iPhone 4 launch, Apple has just released 4 new ads promoting the video calling feature. Named ‘Meet Her’, ‘Smile’, ‘Haircut’ and ‘Big News’, the ads show all the new possibilities now available to users where you don’t need to wait to get to a computer with a net connection to communicate with loved ones and share all your happiness or sorrows. It all comes down to this small device in your hands. The ads play upon your emotions but make complete sense.

Check out all of them below and decide for yourself.

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