Google’s Custom Background Image, Want to Turn it Off?

by Ferman Aziz

Google has announced the rolling out of its customized background image feature last week and now the search giant has gone international with it. The feature will remain activated for 24 hours to create awareness of its availability with Google collaborating with various artists, sculptors and image developers to bring a slew of images to users around the world.

Users will be able to choose an image of their own choice or keep the classic white background after the promotion is over. This has created some confusion among the users who tried in vain to turn off the images and shared their frustration via social media.

Google’s custom background image

You can click here to find your old homepage, use Google SSL or choose the colour white as your background, available from Google’s editorial choice of images. This default feature will be revoked after 24 hours are up and users will be allowed to start playing with images of their own liking and let their imagination run wild.

[via Mashable]

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