Fastest Browser in the World, Chrome or Safari?

by Ferman Aziz

Apple is claiming its new Safari 5 browser is lightening fast after a major performance boots that beats Google Chrome hands down. It also comes with the new Safari Reader (which makes it much easier to read multi-page Web articles), extensions and better HTML 5 support.

The Safari reader is getting rave reviews from all quarters and experts already predict other browsers copying the feature soon. But the real issue will remain speed when it comes to browser ratings. Apple calls it “The world’s fastest Web browser” on its website and needless to say Team Google is speaking up. Chrome users are claiming that it’s faster than Safari on both PC and Mac.

After putting all popular browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer) through the most widely accepted browser speed test, the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark suite , sources at report that Chrome was the fastest on a Dell whereas Safari beat everyone on the Mac but both did it with an indistinguishable margin for an average user. Mac users are recommended to use Safari as no other browser performs better on it, however, even though Safari now supports extensions, at the moment there are few available, so it’s far behind Firefox and even Chrome in this area. It seems the scores seem levelled for now but we sure are waiting for more.

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  • BL

    Next time, you should try Opera 10.60 or 10.50 as well. Opera doesn’t hold a significant market share, but it turns out to be the fastest browsers beating Chrome on 10% in Peacekeeper. Interesting underdog.

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