All Browsers Beware! Chrome Showing The Most Growth

by Ferman Aziz

Browser wars aren’t any less nasty and competitive than the smartphone wars as the players are the same and so are the users. We all know who we think of when the word smartphone is mentioned but the game changes when it comes to browsers. It’s Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that still enjoys the biggest share of the browser market despite competition from Safari and Firefox.

Now some new figures have been released from Net Applications which show that while there have been no massive changes in market share from month to month, Google’s Chrome browser is eating away at IE’s share. Internet Explorer has lost .75% of its share in the time between August and September, even after the release of IE9 beta. The loss maybe less than a percent but there’s another side of the picture which is visible when we look at the change that has come in the last 1 year.

In looking at Net Applications data from September 2009 to September 2010, some clear patterns emerge. Internet Explorer is on a downward spiral and in the same span of time, Firefox and Safari have stayed relatively stagnant. Chrome, on the other hand, continues to take incremental steps forward, beating Safari in the process and showing signs of continued growth.

Net Applications’ data may not be 100% accurate but the measurement in change over time does seem to suggest that Chrome is slowly carving out a place for itself on the battlefield, even though it’s the youngest browser amongst all. It would be interesting to see if the trend continues to grow and how does the field look like in a year or two from now.

[via Ars Technica]

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