iOS on the New iMac? Maybe!

by Ferman Aziz

Apple seems to be on a roll these days churning out updates and devices left right and centre. Rumour has it that after the new iPhone madness subsides a bit; Apple will be launching the new iMac with a twist, the iOS. The speculated time is within the next 60 days and coming equipped with the iOS obviously means that the new iMac will feature touch controls on its desktop offerings. The users will get their standard Mac OS X installation, but when they activate “touch screen mode” they’ll switch to iOS.

This translates in to taking the iOS to the next level where it won’t just be a smartphone OS but will power our laptops too. The experiment is well worth conducting as the popularity of the iOS among users is clear as day and with a plethora of apps available, bringing the experience to desktops seems like the next logical step.

[via CrunchGear]

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