FaceTime May Arrive On Mac OS X & Windows

by Ferman Aziz

Apple introduced iPhone 4’s video calling feature FaceTime on the new iPod Touch recently and the feature is helping sell the device like hot cakes. Now there are rumours that FaceTime may feature on the upcoming Mac OS X update and also on PCs. The source of the speculation is once again the French site Mac4Ever.

Mac4Ever has reported about several Apple products in the past before anyone else and all reports were true except the launch of an iLife 11 this August. There’s no clarification about how is Apple going to make the FaceTime feature available on Windows, if at all. Is it going to build a whole copy of iChat for Windows, or just make FaceTime compatible with some existing PC video chat service, either way it’s a far fetched idea.

Introducing the feature on the Mac OS X however makes complete sense and this is something that users will start demanding sooner than later. Mac4Ever predicts that FaceTime will be integrated into iChat on Mac OS X.

[via Mac4Ever]

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