‘ConsumerReports’ Says “We Can’t Recommend The iPhone 4”

by Ferman Aziz

ConsumerReports.org is a trusted platform that provides ratings and recommendations on thousands of products and services to its millions of subscribers. It was about time they gave their verdict on the new iPhone and now, after performing detailed lab tests on the new smartphone, the organisation has plainly refused to recommend it on their site. ConsumerReports has confirmed that the alleged antenna problem of the iPhone 4 is completely legitimate and that consumers should buy the older iPhone 3GS instead.

As dissected in several online videos, the steel bands that run around the phone’s edges function as antennae and if you cover up a small gap between two of the bars on the lower-right hand side of the phone, you experience dramatic signal loss. ConsumerReports tested AT&T carrier signals on the phone using lab equipment and determined that touching that spot on the phone can cause enough signal loss to drop a call. It also confirmed that it’s not faulty software that’s showing inaccurate signal strength, it’s definitely a faulty antenna.

It won’t be altogether wrong to assume that Apple knew the problem all along but maybe it was impossible to do something about the design and rectify millions of devices ready to be shipped. iPhone 4 still continues to sell like hot cakes but it’ll be interesting to see consumers’ reactions after an objective review from a trusted organisation.

You can check out the ConsumerReports Video assessment of the iPhone 4 below.

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