$100,000 Worth Of Checks Received Through PayPal’s iPhone App

by Ferman Aziz

PayPal and iPhone users recently celebrated the incredibly easy way to deposit checks through the upgraded PayPal iPhone app which allows users to take photos of their checks to make transactions. The feature was expected to gain popularity immediately and that is exactly what happened as the company is reporting that it has already received more than $ 100,000 in check deposits.

It has hardly been a couple of weeks since the facility was made available and it’s obviously going to become an even more frequently used app in the coming days. Senior Director of PayPal Mobile, Laura Chambers wrote on the official PayPal blog:

We knew that this would be popular but we had no idea just how much pent up demand there was for a quick, easy way to deal with checks,

PayPal introduced the mobile check capture feature after Banks like Chase and J P Morgan saw a great response from users for their similar iPhone apps. PayPal has a global user base and with the iPhone becoming popular around the world, the service will gain more users as time passes.

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